Tick (2019)

animated short, stop-motion (5mins)

Jane is a very disciplined and ambitious young woman. Her days consist of going to work and ticking off never ending to-do-lists. She does not realize that her lists start to consume her, and that she slowly loses sight of everything around her, including her beloved fish Molly.

Director: Levin Tamoj, Fabienne Priess Cinematography: Verena Mühling
Music: Julian Ferreira da Silva
Sounddesign: Franziska Arndt
Animation: Levin Tamoj, Bianca Scali, Mona Keil
Production Design: Katharina Kern
Sound-Mix: Nicolas Kaiser
Drums: Julian Erhardt
Music Recordist: Johann Meis
Character Design: Bianca Scali
Producerin: Fabienne Priess
Production Company: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH

Juvinale Filmfestival, Bester Animationsfilm
Zlín Film Festival, Special Mention
kurz.film.fest Künzelsau, Publikumspreis Kategorie Animation
Lago Film Fest, Special Mention Unicef Teens Award

Tricky Women, Wien, 2022
Manchester Animation Festival, Manchester, 2021
North Bellarine Film Festival, Drysdale, 2020
Working Title Film Festival, Vicenza, 2020
Festival Stop Motion Montreal, Montreal, 2020
MalatestaShort Film Festival, Cesena, 2020
NAFF Neum Animated Film Festival, Neum, 2020