Dead End (2024)

animated short, mixed media (9mins)

When Fred’s neighborhood is invaded by a strange being, they are frightened. Only Fred, who dares to approach the intruder, slowly begins to question his fear and finds himself in a world that has yet been closed to him.

Director: Fabienne Priess, Levin Tamoj
Production: Fabienne Priess
Cinematography: Verena Mühling
Music: Patrick Kuhn Botelho
Sounddesign & Mix: Nicolas Kaiser
2D Lead Animatior: Lydia Schüttengruber
Technical Director: Johannes Lübke
VFX Supervisor: Levin Tamoj
Production Design: Leonie Enslin
Character Design: Amelie Kahlo
Creature Design: Eileen Kammer, Amelie Kahlo
AC: Frieder Petroll, Markus Ott
Editor: Wolfgang Purkhauser
3D Sculpting/Modelling/Texturing: Ruth Faminu, Leopold Luther, Kendys Ortega
Grooming: Johannes Lübke
2D Animation: Lydia Schüttengruber, Alena Braune, Leopold Hönigsberger
Additional 2D Cleanup: Carla Riebartsch
3D Card/Prop Animation/Lighting: Lasse Falk, Haiyang Liu, Levin Tamoj
3D Animation: Eileen Kammer, Johannes Lübke
Compositing: Levin Tamoj
Grading: Jakob Sinsel
Motion Design: Zoi Naum
Production Company: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH